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Entrepreneurship & System Dynamics
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Conversate and collaborate with diverse professionals, academic and non-academic practitioners of various disciplines. Complex problems require clarity and integrated approaches. 

System Dynamics can employ multi-method modeling where more than one type of modeling and technique can be used.

Hear diverse perspectives and experiences from others who applied and learned from their projects and initiatives and others who want to know more. Others may ask insightful questions not thought of.

Collective thinking encourages a holistic view of the problem and decreases problem-solving time.



Topic Breakouts &  Applications of System Dynamics

Our mental models are bounded by experience and exposure. The more we see, hear, and learn, our perspectives broaden. System Dynamics, in thinking and application, thrives in complex problem-solving. How can we see through the forests of forests? 

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the hallmarks of automation and forecasting, is it enough? How does your organizational workflow adapt? Can System Dynamics be used to build an AI startup? Can it help with significant operational problems? In this event, breakout sessions will follow a system that allows you to hear from breakout session leaders and other participants.

About Event
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Event Features

Interactive Participation & Networking

In this live breakout session, you'll spend the first half hearing from the breakout leader and others and openly discussing your thoughts and questions. You'll meet new people. Get inspired. Share your experiences.

The session is designed to expose you to different viewpoints in a short period before moving on.

Towards the end, you'll enter a speed networking online venue and meet others.

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Action Learning

Apply what you learned and shared. Hear from others.
Learning is iterative. 

There will be targeted topics and participation is encouraged.


Topic Breakout

Dynamic Modeling for Policy Making and Learning with System Dynamics

Open discussion and feedback session.

Topic Breakout

Performance &
Experience Reports

Share success, lessons learned, and opportunities from deployments in your organization using System Dynamics, Systems Thinking, or learn more about it.

Topic Breakout

System Dynamics & Machine Learning

A short case study. Is survey data enough?

Topic Breakout

Unlocking Potentials With
System Dynamics, The Human Body, and an AI Startup

Topic Breakout

Artificial Intelligence:
Adopting and Developing GPTs and LLMs


Start Time 12:00 PM EST

Kick Off, Welcome, & Introductions
Introduction to System Dynamics & Systems Thinking
Complex Decision Making in Airline Operations
Breakout Sessions
Speed Networking


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This is an online event.

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